About Us

Amsterdam House Hunting’s founder, Jaap Russchen, was born and raised in the North of Holland and started living in the city of Amsterdam in 1995.

Since 1981, Jaap has been acquiring and renovating properties in the Netherlands for himself and also for many of his friends. When he was helping his friends find and buy the best property, he realized that he really enjoyed the process and so he decided to form Amsterdam House Hunting.

Jaap is focused on helping Expats buy a property in Amsterdam and surroundings. In the Netherlands there is no other company that can offer the same service as Amsterdam House Hunting. There are hundreds of Estate Agents (Makelaars) who will do everything to sell the properties that they have listed and to get you to go through their mortgage advisors, which will not always be the best choice for you. The difference with Jaap is that he works with all the Estate Agents and other contacts in Real Estate in Amsterdam, so he has a far better choice of properties and has an unbiased view on which property to buy for you, which increases the chances of finding the right property. He also works with several mortgage advisors, so he can assure you of getting the best possible mortgage for you.

Jaap works effectively for his clients by combining sharp negotiating and marketing skills with a thorough knowledge of the real estate market in the Netherlands. His extensive experience in renovations gives him the building technical background you will profit from and most Real Estate agents are lacking. Because of his caring character and personable approach, Jaap's clients enjoy the process almost as much as the great results he produces on their behalf. It is down to all of these qualities that all of Jaap's past clients have been happy with his service and have referred him to their friends and relatives.

With the combination of his qualities and ability to see from the Expat's point of view, Jaap makes your ideal personal real estate specialist in Amsterdam.

Jaap and his team puts themselves in the client's shoes and manages the buying process as if they is buying for themselves, resulting in the best deal. The quality of their delivery, knowledge, exclusive attention to the client's needs, excellent negotiation skills and ability to see from the expat's point of view making them your ideal personal real estate specialist.