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About Us

Amsterdam House Hunting’s founder, Jaap Russchen, has been finding homes for hundreds of expats for over twenty years. Born and raised in the North of Holland, Jaap is a long-time resident of Amsterdam and has extensive knowledge of the city and it’s surrounds. Houses are his passion and he loves helping people find, secure and even renovate their dream property.

If you work with us, we will provide you with:

    • Access to the most extensive list or properties, to publicly marketed, unlisted and private referrals, we will help you open new doors.
    • Experience and local knowledge of the city including a vast network of real estate professionals and specialists to take the hassle out of buying a property.
    • Value for money, we work to ensure the best rates from all vendors to so that you secure the property of your dreams at the best possible price.

As Featured on Television for House Hunters International