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This page is full of great resources that is useful for people to know when they are buying a house in the Netherlands. Please click on any of the links below to go to the relative website. If you have any questions about anything that you think may be helpful for you to know when buying a house in the Netherlands, then please go to the 'Contact Us' page and contact us by email or phone.



Useful Expat Websites
There are many useful websites for expats who come to live in the Netherlands. Listed below is a few of the most useful ones to help you get to know the country a little better.
I am Expat - Online media platform providing "inside" information, news, services and lifestyle suggestions for all English speaking internationals in the Netherlands.
Expatica - gives a great overview of everything in the Netherlands for expats
InterNations - biggest global networking site for expats of various nationalities
Expat Focus - gives a great overview of everything in the Netherlands for expats
Expat Finder - a global expat site that gives good advice on things such as housing costs, insurances, jobs, moving services/costs and more.
Dutch News - keep up with all the news in the Netherlands. The website is all in English.
NIS News - another Dutch news website in English.
Expat Law - gives details on the laws for expats coming to live or stay in the Netherlands.
Iamsterdam - this website show you places to go, attractions, where to eat and much more useful things.
Expat Job Website - job website especially for expats
Marktplaats - this is the eBay for the Netherlands. Moving to another country can be expensive and marktplaats is the perfect website to find great second hand goods at cheap prices. The website is in Dutch, so you should have some basic knowledge to help yourself around the website.
Useful Expat Links - this website has useful links for many things.



Tax (Belastingdienst)
As in most countries, it is very important to know the tax rules in the Netherlands, especially if you own a home. The tax office in the Netherlands do not speak English or any other language except Dutch, so you if you need to speak with them, you must have someone that you know who speaks Dutch to speak to them on your behalf. They have translated some of the website into English. Click below to go to their website.
Official Tax Website



There are many energy providers in the Netherlands, but here are just a few for comparison:
Energie Direct



There is only 1 provider for water in the Netherlands:


If there are any other websites that you think are useful to expats, please let us know so that we can help other expats find out what they need to.
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