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Buying a Home

Buying a house in the Netherlands is a difficult and demanding task for first time buyers as well as experienced investors. If you do not speak Dutch, the task is even more difficult. The financing, negotiations, documents, surveying, and deadlines compound the stress and complexity.

Amsterdam House Hunting makes the process of buying a home simple, smooth and fun. You can be assured that all of our services are market-leading, in terms of both quality and cost.

  • Research and advice

    With our extensive experience, we will guide you through the house-buying process, provide access to unlisted properties and advise you on local neighbourhoods. We will listen to your needs and shortlist properties for you based on your personal preferences, saving you time and effort.

  • House viewings and assessments

    We will accompany you to view your shortlisted properties and provide on-site advice about the type of house, it’s condition and market value to ensure that you have all the information you need about the properties.

  • Negotiation

    As your buying agent, we use our expert negotiating skills to secure the right property at the best possible price for you on the most favourable terms. We deal with the pressure of negotiations, so that you don't have to

  • Valuation and structural analysis

    Through our extensive network of real estate professionals, we organise the valuation and technical assessments for your property at the best rates, to ensure that the final deal is secure and provide you with comprehensive peace of mind.

  • Oversee the legal process

    We manage the legal process so that the purchase proceeds as negotiated to completion and delivery of the property. We inform you about all legal procedures and notary work, accompany you to the signing of the purchase contract and to the final contract meeting when you receive the keys to your new home.

  • After sales support

    Our commitment to our clients does not stop when you receive the keys at completion. We will help you solve problems and give you any advice that you need. We can also give you help with any home renovations

Investment Properties

We offer a complete end-to-end solution when investing in residential or commercial property in Amsterdam. Investment purchasing carries different motivations from those of home buyers, and requires commitment, experience and skill in finding property that has a high probability of achieving specific and preset investment goals.

  • Comprehensive requiremements analysis

    In order to spend your time wisely, you will need a real estate expert who understands your goals. We will gather all the necessary information before showing you any properties. We will know which options will work well with your portfolio, and by analyzing your needs, we will not waste your valuable time with unsuitable properties.

  • Property selection

    You need accurate information about properties to make an investment. We work exclusively as buying agents. We understand investment potential and know how to see past positive sales copy. We will always provide impartial, accurate information about the properties that we show.

  • Market analysis

    You also need to know how each property compares to the rest of the Amsterdam real estate investing market. We provide a comparable market analysis so that when you start the purchasing process, you will have confidence and complete peace of mind in your decision.

  • Negotiation

    We will help you understand the procurement process in its entirety. When you are ready to make an offer, we will negotiate on your behalf. The purchase price is your investment’s single most controllable variable, and by understanding your budget and goals, we will do our best to cut costs.

  • Network

    As an exclusive buyer’s agency, Amsterdam House Hunting has access to some of the top investment bankers, lawyers, accountants and mortgage brokers in Amsterdam.

  • Property management

    We ensure a hassle-free process when investing in Amsterdam. We maintain every aspect of buying, leasing and managing a property, so that you can enjoy a profitable and relaxing experience.

Home Renovations

Amsterdam House Hunting understands that buying a new home may only be the first step. Now you want to make it your own. 

We have helped to renovate and create hundreds of dream homes for people. Home renovations can be very stressful, especially when you are living in your home when the renovations are happening. Our goal is to make the renovation of your home stress free.

  • Quality Professionals

    Once we have helped you secure the home of your dreams, we can recommend architects, builders, interior designers, landscape gardeners and other proven professionals to complete your property. As an agency, we are completely independent and can provide unbiased support and advice for the next stage of your property. Our extensive network means that you get high quality professionals at the most competitive rates.

  • Project management

    We can also project manage your renovation, overseeing the various contractors and ensuring projects come in on-time and on-budget. We can be as involved as you like: helping you to get your project off the ground or managing it from inception to completion. We listen to your needs and work with contractors to realise your project with quality and precision.