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“I would highly recommend Jaap and Amsterdam House Hunting.

Jaap was very professional and insightful in helping us find a home in Amsterdam. He went above and beyond and made the process simple for us considering we are expats living in Amsterdam. He is an excellent negotiator and clearly in touch with the market. Jaap also has a great sense of humour and I would love to work with you again. Thanks Jaap”



Nicholas Pinfold

“I’m an expat living in Amsterdam and buying a property is definitely a challenge. Jaap was incredible in supporting me achieve this.

He understands the market and advised what I need to do step by step. He ensured a smooth process from start to finish and a lot of laughs and smiles. I would definitely recommend Jaap, and if I am selling/buying in Amsterdam again I will definitely use him.”



John Carrington


“Jaap was super resourceful and helpful in getting me the apartment that I wanted!

After one full year of searching by myself, with Jaap I was able to get a bid accepted 2 months after working together. He also gave me suggestions for bathroom and kitchen stores and was willing to go with me to see them. I highly recommend his services! Thank you Jaap.”



Sophie Hakme

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Highly recommend Ruben for his knowledge, responsiveness and dedication to making sure his customers end up happy. We really felt lucky to have someone so good at the game (and it is a game!) on our side.

Expat couple from New-Zealand,

Dear Jaap, I do not know how did you manage to get me the apartment for asking price and including the furniture. This deal sounds impossible to me. The neighborhood is great! and I have already made friends around.

Mo Tamimi,

I had a great experience working with Jaap to find my perfect home in Amsterdam. He understood exactly what I wanted, was very responsive, had great input and always brought a positive attitude to our meetings. If you are looking for a buyer's agent, I would highly recommend Jaap.

Jessica du Preez,

I am very lucky that I had Jaap during my adventure of a buying a house in Amsterdam! I recommend Jaap fully, I appreciated the experience, the advice, the guidance and the nice contact we had and of course the humour in the stressful moments!

Stefania Petr,

If I'll ever buy again I'd only do so with Jaap and Amsterdam House Hunting.  Through his personal network and experience Jaap was able to find and secure me an apartment that was beyond everything I ever expected in Amsterdam. It was my first buy and his professionalism and personality helped me through all the stressful times and made me feel comfortable with the decision. He showed a lot of patience with me and always listened to my concerns and freak out moments with the utmost patience and respect. I highly recommend to work with Jaap!

Laura Schacht,

A true professional !!!! As you can see from the feedback below there is nothing that is left unsaid about this guy. If you are searching for a great home, Jaap is definitely your guy. My best recommendations !!!

Mihai Dragomirescu,

I highly recommend Jaap to anyone considering property ownership. Jaap provided hands on support throughout the entire buying process and was my trusted advisor in all property related topics from price negotiation to finding the best vendors to help me designing and install a new kitchen for my home (and everything in between). At every point, Jaap was professional, responsive and reliable. Along with his excellent skills and network in the property market (everyone know of and spoke very highly of Jaap) his way of working was one of his points of difference. Jaap is genuine, trustworthy, listens to clients and puts fun into the process. I highly recommend Jaap to anyone purchasing property and already have referred a number of my friends.

Katharine Stanley,

Jaap is super knowledgable about the housing market in Amsterdam and helped secure my flat at a good price and with minimal effort from my side. Friendly, professional, funny...a real pleasure to work with. Thanks Jaap!

Harrison LP,

Jaap was an absolute pleasure to work with and by far the best makelaar you'll ever find! No exaggeration at all. He is experienced, friendly, and an excellent negotiator. I went from "this house is completely out of my range" to Jaap saying, "you got the house!" ...and with savings. Could not have asked for a better experience. Thank you, Jaap.

Derek Müller,

Jaap is very supportive through all the stages of house purchase including finding, negotiation, inspection and many many more. I certainly recommend his service especially for expats who have very limited information about this complicated process.

Damon Rafieian,

Very nice service, friendly and professional.

No Pa He,

As two expats already living in Amsterdam for 6 years, we were not sure whether the services offered by Jaap and Amsterdam House Hunting were necessary for us. However working with Jaap proved invaluable in such a competitive market! Jaap's key differentiators include:
- His insight on property value and what is a reasonable price to pay in Amsterdam to secure a property (without overpaying in such a hot market)
- His solid understanding of building construction in Amsterdam and when something requires a small fix vs. significant renovation. Also ideas he brings to the table to add future value to a property were helpful
- His network (which is second to none!) Everybody in Amsterdam seems to know and like Jaap and this is a great advantage when it comes negotiating on a property
Jaap's casual and down-to-earth approach is very nice to work with. At the same time, once we identified properties that ticked our boxes Jaap is very quick to start and conclude on the negotiation. Overall we found Jaap to be a very trustworthy and fair professional - we highly recommend working with Jaap and would gladly use his services again!

Tom and Rhiannon,

As two expats looking for their first home in Amsterdam, having Jaap on call proved priceless. His attentiveness, communication, honesty and advice throughout the entire process was integral to finding our dream home. Jaaps' extensive knowledge of the market place and relationships with key people in it really proved the difference. Not only a great real estate agent, Jaap is a great personality to be around. We thoroughly recommend working with him.

Jack & Fran,

Jaap does an excellent job with finding the house that you need, taking into the account all your multiple requirements. He advises on the neighbourhood, the quality of the building, the quality of the apartment itself, noticing little details that I wouldn't pay attention to. Due to his negotiation skills, I was able to buy an apartment for a reasonable price, given that the market was overheated. He works with a good notarius, well known in Amsterdam, which is also important. Last, but not the least, after signing the deed of delivery, he recommended me a trustworthy service for the flat renovation - which is very important, it is really difficult to find reliable workers in the market. Thank you, Jaap, for always being friendly and professional!


Jaap was helpful, honest and supportive through the searching and purchasing process. His extensive knowledge of the property market here in Amsterdam was indispensible to us. Very friendly with a great sense of humour, he's exactly the kind of makelaar that you want on your side. Even after everything was wrapped up and we were moved in Jaap promptly followed up issues regarding undisclosed repairs that were discovered after purchase which resulted in the problem being resolved reasonably. I would happilly recommend Jaap to any of my friends or colleagues.

Jonny & Mariana,

If you are serious about finding the perfect house in Amsterdam, having fun while you do it, and getting the best deal, you cannot find a better partner than Jaap. Moving house is frustrating and scary - we felt very lucky to find someone who could skillfully navigate the market, manage expat procedures, and get the deal done. We felt like old friends, not new customers.

Paul Midgen,

Buying a house in a foreign country can be quite stressful...but not if you have Jaap by your side! Jaap is a true professional and has an extensive knowledge about real-estate in general, and the dutch market specifically; not only that, but Jaap is also honest and fair which is very important when dealing with one of the biggest purchases in life, and on top of all that a great and funny personality which makes the whole process easier and even fun at times:) Thank you Jaap for getting us our house; now - Home!

Dana and Yoav,

Everything went smooth and easy by working with Jaap. He quickly understood our needs and limitation, and provided appropriate services. He definitely know what he’s doing and how things work. He is well connected and can link you with any kind of extra help you need. Most important of all, dealing with him was a pleasant experience, as opposed to the all other real estate agents I’ve met before.

Andi Stancu,

We had no clue where to start with our Amsterdam house hunt until Jaap came along. He was smart, funny and very clued up about the market. He encouraged us to look in new areas and be honest about what we wanted. He took care of the whole process from talking to Agents and sellers to organising the Notary. We're now six months in to our new home and couldn't be happier. Cheers Jaap!

Gareth and Shaun,

Preparing for purchasing a property in a country which is not your home is a big, even overwhelming effort, with lots of complexity ranging from the small details in the fineprints of contracts to the negotiation on the purchase. With energy, professionalism, preparation, and an acute sense of humor, Jaap has taken the bulk of the complexity out of this process and made it way smoother. Jaap is able to wear many different hats: he is a skilled and tough negotiator, he is a helpful source of information about the vibes of the neighborhood, he has high standards for safety and style of the apartments he recommends, he is able to push past administrative hurdles to get the job done and has a network of equally bar-raising professionals in the areas of internal design, refurbishment and much more. Not often you come across somebody who is great at their job but does it in a fun, unassuming way, and Jaap belongs to that category. I look forward to doing business with him in the future.

Davide Tararbra,

Jaap was a godsend. Not only did he prove to be extremely knowledgable and savy which secured us a very good price on our dream-house, he also had the most pleasant demeanour about him - relaxed, yet always available, kind, respectful, and extremely patient - which made us feel at ease as much as possible with the process of buying a house in a foreign country. We benefited from his experience and his network, never feeling like 'just another number'. In short, working with Jaap made great business sense and couldn't have been more pleasant and helpful. Amsterdam House Hunting - that's customer service at its best.

Isabelle Nierhaus-Sattig,

Jaap is an amazing guide through the maze that is buying a home in Amsterdam. You need him at your side. He is kind, patient, easy going, well informed and well connected, with amazing people skills. He made us feel like we are old friends and he is just helping us get our dream home. Anyone thinking about buying real estate in Amsterdam should get in touch with Jaap.

Adnan & Anita,

Jaap helped us find a new apartment in Amsterdam. And he did a great job. Jaap know's the market, he knows the right questions to ask, he gave us very good advice about the do's and don'ts in the Amsterdam housing market. His style is personal and engaged. It was a pleasure to work with him and to have him on our side during the entire process.

Hyun and Wessel,

As an expat in the Netherlands and first-time house buyer I consider myself exceptionally lucky to have been able to call on Jaap’s services and expertise. I was blown away not only by how knowledgeable he was about the housing market but also his attention to detail in analyzing the places we saw. With his help I found a house within weeks, in the area I wanted to buy and thanks to his excellent negotiating skills, I got it at a better price than I could have hoped for. He then helped me with the extensive renovation process, putting me in touch with numerous excellent workmen for the different renovations and visiting the house to ensure that all was being done to standard. Throughout the process he was always available for advice and his flexible nature, positive attitude and dry humour made a quite daunting process exciting and enjoyable. I couldn’t recommend him more highly!

E. Cairncross,

Jaap had a key role in our successful search for a "Home". We had specific requirements for the house and a very tight deadline to move in. Jaap was relentless in his search, always coming up with strong candidates. And then he found the One House that combined all we wanted. Moving fast, he closed the deal in a couple of days and made our dream come true. Thank you for a job well done and a happy family!

Carlos and Liliana,

True to his testimonials, Jaap simply takes his profession to a whole new level. One cannot over-exaggerate the level of commitment, sensitivity and support Jaap delivers. Mr. Russchen was indispensable in us securing our earthly paradise. His genius for house hunting and home making is unparalleled. Our parents came to Amsterdam, met Jaap, and now they want to buy a house here - not because they intend to relocate - just to have the pleasure of working with the remarkable Mr. Russchen! Physically and emotionally moved.

Dr. Jonathan Lenihan & Dr. Azmeh Dawood,

Working with Jaap was a great experience. He knows the market and Amsterdam extraordinarily well. He made the entire process really straightforward and easy for us. From patiently humouring us in our indecisiveness and showing us houses in almost every neighborhood to negotiating a really good price when we finally found the place that we love, he guided and helped us understand every step of the way (because there are some differences to how things work where we're from). He was the best decision we made, because he made all the rest of our decisions easy to make. Thanks Jaap!!

Manon Parry and Michael Austin,

Jaap is a friendly and flexible person. He helped us in the process of buying our first flat in the Netherlands. He knows Amsterdam very well and has good sense of humor. Thank you Jaap!

Michal & Alejandra,

We had a few difficulties when going through the purchasing process, but Jaap was the only person that talked any sense and was always quick to respond and guide us accordingly (and sometimes play the part of psychiatrist). He was a source of comfort throughout and you shouldn't even consider using anyone else. Thanks Jaap!

Ulla and Craig,

We had a very good experience working with Jaap to find our new home in Amsterdam and I recommend him highly. Jaap guided us through the process step-by-step and understood our needs very well. We concluded a successful deal in much less time than we expected and are very happy with our new home. Jaap showed he has all the required knowledge and integrity for the job and it was a pleasure working with him.

Turloch & Betty,

I simply don't think I would've been able to buy my flat without Jaap Russchen's expertise and advice. The process can be gruelling when one is unfamiliar with a country, and my mortage brokers positively told me the sale would have fallen through had it not been for Jaap's mediation at various key stages. His deadpan humour also helps making the process more bearable.

Enzo Rossi,

Jaap made buying my first property a really easy, stress-free experience. He's someone who has such a wealth of knowledge about the market and genuinely loves helping people find their dream home. Jaap's relaxed manner and sense of humour makes the whole process smooth and actually rather fun. I immediately felt at ease with him and trusted his opinion completely. Once you've found the right apartment, then he really comes into his own as his negotiation skills are just brilliant - something I would never have been able to do if I had been dealing with the estate agents direct. I've already recommended him to two other expat friends!

Lydia J,

Where to begin? Jaap is absolutely the best realtor we could ever imagine to find for our house hunting experience in Amsterdam! Not only he i professional, pro-active and always available, he has also an incredible capability to understand exactly your needs, amazing negotiation skills and a straightforward approach to any situation. He took care of everything and guided us through the process of finding, buying AND renovating our house, making it as smooth and friendly as possible. He really went the extra mile to help us. Plus, he has a natural sense of humor and we had great fun searching our house together! Many thanks Jaap!

Anna & Giacomo,

I really enjoyed the house hunt with Jaap. We started looking and saw plenty before finally putting in offer for the first one we saw – of course! Jaap was helpful, proactive, he played devil's advocate and acted as a sounding board. His friendly and professional manner made it easy to negotiate all aspects of buying my place which I can now enjoy for many years. Thanks Jaap. You've been a gem.


Jaap has been a very kind and friendly person and at the same time a knowledgeable and incisive advisor. He has made our flat-buying experience in the Netherlands a stress-free one.Thank you so much!

Valentina & Alessandra,

Buying a property in a foreign country can be both frightening and confusing, however Jaap made the whole process not just clear and simple, but even fun! He genuinely cares about every customer and their needs and I was amazed at how many times we were stopped in the streets by happy and satisfied clients of his. Jaap helped me to avoid a potential problem, by calling in a builder to check on one property and in the end we found exactly the apartment that I was looking for, within my challenging timeline of just 2 months and budget! In fact with Jaap’s negotiation skills the reduced price he achieved, more than covered his fee. I highly recommend him for your property search in the Netherlands.

Paul Martingell,

It was a pleasure for us to work with Jaap, both in the personal and profesional way he made our life easier from the moment that we decided to buy an apartment, til we signed the contract. He knows exactly how to proceed in every moment, and his experience let us know that we were in good hands from the beginning. Now we are very happy in our new house and we highly recommend his services!

Marcos & Sandra,

We are not resident in the Netherlands but were looking for an apartment to use as a holiday home in Amsterdam. Our early experience with Dutch realtors was very disappointing, they were inflexible, dismissive and openly skeptical of our intention to buy. When we met Jaap, he was a breath of fresh air! He worked with us to really understand our requirements, then did his best to schedule apartment viewings for when we were in the country even though our availability was limited and it meant him being available outside normal realtor hours. He showed he had our best interests at heart by using his local knowledge to guide us towards a place that really suited us; for example at one point we found a beautiful place, but Jaap was able to tell us about a very noisy all-night bar just across the street, which explained the low price! Once we found the right place he showed his skills as a negotiator to get us a great price, helped us understand the Dutch real-estate process, and was patient with us as we waded through the paperwork. While most realtors would have quite reasonably walked away once the purchase was made, Jaap has remained a friend and advisor as we have settled into our wonderful new home, and will help us find the right contractors for renovations. We couldn’t be happier with the overall experience and would unreservedly recommend him to any expat looking for a place in Amsterdam. Thank you Jaap!

Simon and Anna,

When we decided to buy a family home in Amsterdam we started to browse the web for a good agency. We consider ourselves very lucky to have stumbled across At the first meeting Jaap promised to help us find our dream house - and he DID! 3 months later and at least 10 (sometimes very funny) house viewings later we have found our dream home. Thank you Jaap for listening to our wishes and for finding the perfect place in a great location for us – Viewing houses with you has always been a fun experience.

Andy and Federica,

Dear Jaap, Thanks so much for your expertise, help, guidance, assistance and kindness in helping me find a great apartment in Amsterdam. It was a pleasure to meet and work with you. I have recommended you to other friends and colleagues. I wish you all the very best and more in the future.

J. Coakley,

Buying our first property, and not being Dutch, we decided we would prefer to use an agent to perform the negotiation and assist with the other formalities that Dutch law requires. Our mortgage broker recommended Jaap's company as a specialist agent for expats, and it was a great recommendation! Jaap advised us against purchasing a much more expensive apartment than the one we ended up buying due to our renovation plans not being feasible - something we would not have known about - even though it would have been a large commission for him. When we found the apartment we eventually bought, Jaap visited the apartment with us, and brought a contractor to inspect the property and advise us on our proposed renovations before we entered into negotiations. He then negotiated a great price for us, below the maximum we were prepared to pay. Another great thing about Jaap is that he was available outside of normal working hours for meetings, which is a very welcome change from the normal Dutch real estate system, and very helpful for us as we are two professionals with demanding schedules. Overall we are very satisfied with Jaap's service, and would definitely recommend him to any expat looking to buy an apartment in Amsterdam, but is uncertain about or just doesn't want to deal with all the red tape involved. Jaap had our best interests at heart, and we are very happy to have had his services in buying our first apartment!

Simon and Kelly,

Being a foreigner in the Netherlands it was important to work with someone who I trusted and who knew the details of how to buy a property. I felt that Jaap represented my interests and took care of the all details (also great negotiations!) of buying an apartment.

Magdalena Aguilar,

Jaap and his company have provided my husband and me truly excellent service and have made our Amsterdam house purchasing experience a smoother ride than we could have ever expected. Jaap's wealth of experience in renovation and solid network of trustworthy partners in mortgage brokerage and construction along with solid afterservice even months after purchase made us happy customers. We have recommended Amsterdam House hunting to various friends and colleagues and would not hesitate to hire him again for our next move in this beautiful but sometimes tricky city of Amsterdam!

Marjolein Touquet and Michael Pounds,

The Brouwersgracht Experience: we met Jaap through his website in September 2010. In November 2010, we visited an appartment on our most favourite canal: Brouwersgracht. We were looking in this area since a couple of years, and we found exactly what we were looking for: spot on a canal, renovated, spacious and bright appartment. We involved Jaap from the start to the end, and first of all, what we liked in Jaap's approach is his human touch. He listened to you, understand very well, never push you, respect your choice, decision, ideas. We understood that all his customers were calling him "Jaap the jumper"and we understood why now : He tested everything, he has a strong expertise which can permit to judge quickly and safely about the quality of the appartment. Finally, what personally we liked in Jaap is its dedication: early morning, night, week-end, always available for you and that's not what an usual and cold agent can do for you. In conclusion, we were very happy with the work of Jaap, personal touch, expertise and dedication and is definitely part of our "Brouwersgracht experience" now!

Cedric and Marina,

I owe Google a gift basket for finding Jaap. The Dutch real-estate model is quite different and coupled with the language barrier it would have taken me much longer to realize my property goals. Having Jaap on the case made me feel like I didn't have to lift a finger, except to initial at the right places. Jaap went above and beyond what is expected from a real-estate agent. What I valued most were his attention to detail and his intuitiveness to figure out what his client wants and perhaps doesn't know how to express. He even arranged for builders for renovation work and took time out to help pick out a kitchen. Most importantly, he did all this with a smile on his face. Now thats service! I really appreciate his professionalism and would unhesitatingly recommend him to any expat who is searching for a home in Amsterdam

P. Arindam,

If you are looking for a home in Amsterdam Jaap Russchen is simply your Go-to-man. Why? Because in my particular experience, in every single requirement and wish I had, Jaap delivered: Investment opportunity, location, well maintained house. And he did it without hesitation, fast and always with a smile. The kind of attitude that rarely is found in a service provider. Jaap is much more than a home finder, he is an advisor, a savvy negotiator and a deal closer. Don't fool around with your home-finding on your own if you don't know what you are doing. Call Jaap out!

Oscar E. Petit,

Buying a new house in a new country is always a daunting experience. However from the minute we gave him the go ahead we were confident on his expertise and negotiation skills. We actually went on holiday and had a house when we got back! Our seller was not the easiest but all the deal was done by and through Jaap. He is a rare case of a professional who truly can see from the client's point of view and understand what you are looking for. But most importantly was the after service, when there was some hidden troubles in the house, he stepped in again and solved all. We will be certainly using his services in the near future and I cannot recommend him enough.

Iasnaia Maximo,

My wife and myself were trying to work the bidding and purchase process with the local Dutch agent and finding we were fighting unbelievable issues. This covered such things as incorrect reports about the sellers sanity, to not hearing any news when promised, to not securing a deal within the required time. Jaap Russchen came in at the final make or break hour and secured an acceptable deal and all within hours of meeting the seller. We could not have asked for anything more!

T. O’ Keeffe,

Being a complete novice on the property market let alone the Dutch market, Mr Russchen was referred to me by a close friend who was very positive about the house they bought and the way it was done by him. Mr Russchen was diligent in his questioning and managed to identify all the areas that were of key interest, my buying motives, personal taste on so forth. He managed to link all my criteria to a particular property, and he arranged the first viewing. He was encouraging of the apartment, and said this is the one he would choose himself, in our place. He nonetheless recognized that I needed a selection in order to compare, and followed up with viewings of a selection of most interesting apartments in the locality. After little deliberation, and it did indeed transpire that the first property was the most attractive in every way- location, price and potential, Mr Russchen started negotiating firmly, till a very good deal was made. Mr Russchen has been a tremendous support every step of the way, I value the very personalized service, and would recommend him to any ex-pat and local with a vested interest in the property market.

C. Grock,

If you need to find a house and have fantastic advice on the all the areas in and around Amsterdam, Jaap is the person you need to help you. I thought the process of buying a house would have taken months and would have been a painful experience, but Jaap made the process so smooth and easy that I was shocked when I had the keys in my hand. He helped me find a good area, set up the viewings, negotiated the price with the agent, looked over all the paperwork and got me a great mortgage. I moved in to the house 2.5 weeks after my offer had been accepted, which was very quick and wouldn't have been possible without the proactive approach and network of Jaap. I would recommend anyone looking for a house in the Netherlands to Jaap

Luke Winstanley,

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Larry Jane,

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Mary Berg,
CEO / Manager